Architecture with Intent


I think more people working in IT and especially in architecture need to get across ‘Moravec’s Paradox’ and ‘Nouvelle AI’ and how they work together.

‘Moravec’s Paradox’ suggests that, contrary to traditional assumptions, high-level reasoning requires very little computation, but low-level sensorimotor skills require enormous computational resources. For IT planners working with business and customers this means in practice that the mental abilities of a four-year-old that we take for granted such as recognizing a face, lifting a pencil, walking across a room, or answering a question, are all much harder to automate, than say achieving adult level and expert-level performance on rules-based and reasoned-based processing such that an Adviser, or a Clinician might exhibit.

‘Nouvelle AI’ challenges classical AI by aiming to produce, instead of supercomputers, simple robots with intelligence levels similar to insects. Overall intelligence can emerge organically from simple repeated behaviors as these insect intelligences interact – remember the ants and bees.

By ‘peeling away the onion’ of task complexity and decomposing seemingly very complex tasks into their component  ‘insect’ units, and then using an IT ecosystem to bring them together into new solutions – leveraging both the IT expertise of the ‘share’ economy  and leveraging the computing power of the cloud to do this – the resulting solutions solve what  at first appears to be very complex process challenges such as ‘advice-automation’, ‘risk management’ ‘HR candidate selection’ or ‘clinical diagnostics’. To me this is where ‘understanding’ the business problem meets ‘leveraging’ the technology solutions.  This is a higher architectural pursuit than time spent modelling ‘information’, ‘business’, ‘application’ and’ technology’ domains – this is architecture with intent…

Yes I am working on a whitepaper – some yet to be determined big IT conference in Las Vegas here I come…hopefully…

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