Is Enterprise Architecture Completely Broken?

image - is EA broken

Among the EA ‘click-bait’ a genuinely interesting article “Enterprise Architecture: Is It Completely Broken?” by Jason Bloomberg exploring the big picture on EA and its value proposition and its attention-grabbing (For EAs at least)  follow up “Enterprise Architecture: Don’t Be A  Fool With A Tool”…

It’s an insightful article for EAs and thinking about where the value creation points are. It touches on a lot of big themes – but perhaps too many and without enough analysis of each of them. If you ignore the ‘framework’ bashing, the contribution of EA in strategic transformation is a good discussion, as is the theory that you must understand the parts to improve the whole – in recent years I have had to come to terms with the ‘ecosystem’ concept and its implication that I can ‘model’ and understand less than I thought I had to and certainly less and less about the underlying IT. Digital transformation by its nature forces a “businesses are living organisms” viewpoint. The article comments are good too. EA can and should be used to support (but perhaps not lead) the transformation of the enterprise, but that is only one of its use cases. EA can also be employed to discover the enterprise, understand it, analyse it, manage its complexity and change and fix the enterprise operation malfunctions amongst other things”


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