Platform 3.0 – Mark Skilton


My old buddy Mark Skilton (well he is not really my old buddy but he was the Global Head of SOA at CSC before he went of to do his own thing a few years ago so we did occasionally hook up) has an interesting article on what he calls Platform 3.0. It is his most recent take on the evolution from web 2.0 but is a much more holistic perspective on the Internet of things. Its about “New business technology value strategies for the new convergence of interconnected systems and services world of “Platform 3.0”. Mark suggests “Platform 3.0 is in many ways and emergence of the realization that this life-cycle cuts across many technologies that today represent a scale and scope of Information Technology”

multi-service lifecycle

Check out the article over  here. His modestly titled blog has some other pretty interesting stuff too.


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