Some hot items (already)…

Day One has only just finished … some things I have already picked up for ‘deep dives’…

Integration from within the enterprise to the cloud –  posssibly#1 Hot Topic and #1 Hot product  in the recent IBM acquisition of Cast Iron  – all sessions packed and lots of robust discussion on the emerging design patterns  around Cast Iron, webAPIs and what does it all mean for the good old ESB

Mobile applications and mobile applications development using recent IBM acquisition Worklight… and integration using Cast Iron…

IBM Pure Systems – software reconnects with hardware in cloud-aware appliances…

Mobile analytics – more on this later – this is HOT

battle of the Architects – wed evening – cannot wait…

IT Trends

Check out these stats (apparently from reliable sources)

Industry reveue projecftions trending to 2014:

– Middleware and Applications integration  – $15B

– Cloud – $85B

– Mobile $22B

– Expert Systems  – $25B

SMS is not going away – 8 trillion messages in 2011

Between 500- 1m apps in Apple iStore including stuff under development. I wonder if ‘ponn apps’ will end up flooding the app stores – I imagine Apple can control this but for Android it may be trickier…

Data growth to skyrocket wth videoo the new engine (Youtube, Electronic Surveillance streaming, medical etc)

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