The Downtown Cocktail Room and The Griffin

You get over the ‘new Strip’ very quickly but there are still  some amazing bits of old Vegas on the stip in between all the new Disney-esque resort architecture and tacky bars …

what I mean is check out Donny and Marie still playing at The Flamingo Showroom

… anyway this is not about the ‘new Strip’ tonight instead its about late last night, very late in fact,  and I was walking the streets downtown looking for an intimate cocktail room and speakeasy 1960s Las Vegas style… and this place is so cool its not only hard to find but when you do find it it also a bit tricky working out just how to get in to get swinging with the local hipsters…

…my photo is the one from outside – the inside photos are from somewhere on the Interweb  – must have been an interior design set as its empty but when I was there is was full  – it was also super dark and very hip and I wanted to blend in and not blow my cover – oh yeah

The Griffin is also downtown at the sleazy end of Fremont Street nearly opposite the legendary El Cortez. Unlike the discreet signage of the Downtown Cocktail Room it has has a typically glitzy neon outer-shell that is really quite deceptive. You would be inclined to think ‘another downtown bar’ but inside its dark and I mean really dark – I could spend a lot of time here… I especially liked that they had some crazy anonymous wigged out Twin Peaks style jazz playing on an unseen hi fi and no bottled beers – I also did not actually take any photos here – that would have been instant credibility suicide – it was just to cool  and I needed to try and look like I hang out here al the time and so I had a quite cocktail in the darkness instead..

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