…and the winner is SYD-ney

If you are flying all the way from Perth, Western Australia to Las Vegas then a stopover in  late Olympic President Juan Antonio Samaranchi’s favourite city SYD-ney is well advised to alleviate some of the physical discomfort associated with Jet Lag and also Deep Vein Thrombosis…

One night in Sydney is all that is required to get to Zia Pina. Its a tiny little Italian restaurant down in The Rocks and location-wise in the shadow of the Harbour Bridge and decor-wise with its tables covered in red checked table clothes and the BEST Spaghetti Carbonara I have ever had – I have been to Zia Pina a few times now and quality is maintained … and its dirt cheap too…tell them Claudio sent you…there probably won’t be any reaction.

While you are down at The Rocks its always nice to take a stroll to Circular Quay and check out the night cityscape…

…the above is taken looking back at the city with the Opera House behind me to my left and the Harbour Bridge behind me to my right – but forget those boring ‘icons’ when compared to the ‘Manhattan’ style Sydney CBD cityscape.

The Sydney cityscape always reminds me of a few scenes in The Matrix which had some great skyline shots and other shots on location in Sydney – check out some more thanks to a cool Matrix Nerd whose pictures I found here….I especially like ‘Phone Call’ a true fan-tribute scene.

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